Say No to Wal-Mart & Yes to Good Jobs

IB ImageTeamster warehouse jobs are under attack by the nonunion competition.  Our union can fight back by mobilizing the membership and reaching out to the public.

Build the Campaign by Getting Email Addresses

IB ImageCan you help build the Sandy Pope campaign by getting email addresses from other concerned Teamsters?

We’re building up a network of informed members. Email is one of the best ways to do that.

Investigation Reveals Hoffa Used Dues to Try to Buy Off Officers

IB ImageAn official investigation by IBT Election Supervisor Richard Mark found that General President Hoffa and the Hoffa Campaign used members’ dues money to try to buy the support of Teamster officers for his campaign.

The report reveals that Hoffa offered officers jobs, and, in one case, an additional pension in exchange for their support in the election.

“Teamster dues should be used to fight for Teamster members,” said Sandy Pope.  “The only union job Hoffa is fighting to save is his own. And that’s why he has to go.”

Taking on the Nonunion Competition

IB ImageInterview with Sandy Pope.

Sandy Pope speaks out on mud-slinging by the Hoffa Campaign and what it will take to organize the nonunion competition.

Protecting Members Pensions

IB ImageUnder Hoffa, Teamster members have faced the worst benefit cuts in our union’s history. Hoffa can’t run on his own pension record, so he’s trying to distort Sandy Pope’s.

Get the facts about Sandy Pope’s record on protecting Teamster pensions. Cut through the spin and decide for yourself.

Super Charge Our Campaign by Super Bowl Sunday

IB ImageWe’re looking to Super Charge our campaign by Super Bowl Sunday—and we need your help.

We have set a goal of raising $25,000 by Super Bowl Sunday—to supercharge our campaign. We need funds to hire staff, print and mail literature, shoot video, keep our website up to date, and to finance travel so I can get on the road and talk face-to-face with Teamsters.

We're Building the Campaign War Chest

IB ImageThese members are donating to build the war chest our campaign needs to win. Find out why—and how you can help do your part.

Teamsters Talk Back

IB ImageHear what Teamsters from across our union are saying about the issues facing our union, the 2011 election, and Sandy Pope. And have your say, too.

Next Step: Running for Delegate

IB ImageWe’ve completed the petition drive to officially accredit our campaign. Our next challenge is to win enough Convention Delegate elections to get on the ballot next year.

In the next few months, almost every local will elect delegates to the Teamster Convention, which will be held in Las Vegas on June 27 – July 1.

It’s Sandy Pope vs. Hoffa Jr. for Teamster President

IB ImageSuccessful Petition Drive Makes It Official

December, 14, 2010: We did it! Teamsters across the country hit the pavement and collected the signatures we needed to accredit our campaign for General President.

The election rules required that we turn in 33,437 signatures. Our goal was 40,000. Today, our campaign turned in more than 50,000 signatures to the Election Supervisor.